BootySprout Workouts

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BootySprout Workouts

Normal Thrust:

To use BootySprout, simply sit down on the floor in the enclosed space with your legs resting flat, your back as close to the foam back rest as possible.

Next, strap in the resistance bands. Once strapped in, put your arms back on either side of the backrest, then place your feet on the wood ~1 foot apart with knees bent. When performing the thrust you want the upper middle of your back on the back rest.

Once you start thrusting, your booty will not touch the ground. At the top of the thrust, you'll want your lower legs at a ~90 degree angle to the ground, so adjust your feet on the wood accordingly. The bottom of the thrust will feel natural, with your lower and upper legs making a ~45 degree angle.

We recommend using as high a weight as you're comfortable with, and performing 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps.


Half Thrust:

These are challenging, and great to end sets on. Instead of going all the way down on your hip thrust, only go half way down and then back up. 


Wide Stance Hip Thrust:

These hip thrusts will seriously target your outer glutes. Simply widen your feet on the wood, and perform normal and half thrusts.


Our recommended 15 minute workout:

If you can do 3 bands, go for 3 bands!

Set 1: 12 normal thrusts

Set 2: 10 normal thrusts and 6 half thrusts

Set 3: 10 wide stance thrusts and 6 half thrusts

Set 4: 10 normal thrusts and burn out on half thrusts


You will be sore for several days after the first workout...but after that, 2-4 days a week. Get your booty on!


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